Luca is a guy, who is Italian-born, London based, and working worldwide. Luca  is an artist who loves cinema and enjoys taking pictures.

His favourite subjects are old industrial factory plants in his mother town, some times he simply prefers to stay in his studio and shoot people using Polaroids, because it is fun and Polaroids are so cool. His favorite color for background is storm grey and he is happy with that too...

Luca work is marked by a sophisticated awareness of contemporary visual culture, and he has garnered respect for his otherworldly concepts, stylistic versatility and open minded-ness towards new and old technologies, from digital manipulation to hand painted toning, carbon and platinum print and also wet collodion.

Since Luca understands the necessity to make a living he work as a director and photographer as well as artistic director. Luca's clients include Dior, Louis Vuitton, Bulgari, Chanel, Jean-Paul GaultierLe Monde, La RepubblicaL’EspressoNew York TimesEl Pais, among others. His work has been featured in numerous exhibitions, from group shows to solo displays. Luca has also published several photographic books spreading over 34 years of his career.

Luca's Oversize-based work from 1992-99 (a selection of which appears on this website) has been extensively showcased in exhibitions, press and books, with his first book «Oversize» published in 1994. He is currently working on different projects such as «Gesamtkunstwerk» a virtual continuation of «Unzeitgemasse Betrachtungen» a long research project and the more recent conceptual work «Cities and citizens».

Luca is devoted to the cinema of Teo AngelopoulosAndreij TarkovskijIngmar Bergman and Akira Kurosawa. Luca is also a passionate director of artistic movies such as : Sul finire del tempo, 1996; Il Gelato d'inverno, no, 1998; Mia madre, Lisbona, 2004; Le Soldat perdu, 2006; Un Giorno una vita, 2008; and director of photography with Rosso di sera, 1995; Rinnovamento, 1996; Gli Strizzati, 2004; La Fabbrica dei sogni, 2006.


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